I do not need to explain the meaning of the word planet in games such as The New Order.

Home planet

So, let's begin. When you register , you are given one planet with an average number of CMV fields. This planet will always appear in the statistics as your home planet . This planet can not be deleted .

Now talk a little about the main features of the planet and its development. On the planet , as a rule, all pumped much better than in the colonies. It is on the planet , many players place such construction as Technopolis , meaning it is built only on the planet . Now go on ... you start over less well-off, now you need to create yourself a colony for a stronger development of your empire . For colonization you need to explore " Astrophysics " , say at once that it is desirable to improve astrophysics to about 15-20 level , this you enough to start .

So .. we studied astrophysics , now need to build a ship " Colony " . For the construction of the colonizer , we need Impulse Drive fourth level . Here we have already built and colonialists , 10 pieces to start :)


Now we need to find a place to colonize . I advise you to look for the planet with the most large number of CMV planets. Advisable to look for planets with more than 300 fields , they are usually 8 - 12 positions in the system. Many fields will be needed in your development and not to infringe one built for the benefit of others , you need to think in advance about a sufficient number of fields.

Maximum number of colonies - 14 , this is without pumping Academy ( Expanding Empire) , ie when pumping astrophysics to level 20 , you can be a maximum of 15 planets. To get more planets is necessary to improve the ability to expand the empire at the academy , which is worth a sufficient number of Points Academy ( Level 1 costs 500 Points Academy , and then the price doubles ) .

Colony , unlike the main planet can be removed , if for example, you did not suit count fields. This is done in the following way : in the survey click on the name of the planet

Then select the Remove the planet, enter the password of your account and all the planet removed. Now how to rename the planet .. press there, the name of the Planets, just choose Rename and enter the name of the planet there and everything. By default, the planet is called "Planet". Similarly performed and renaming the moon. And it's worth noting that the teleport changes and temperature planets, hence there is no need to first colonization for Gravitational technology research.

teleport planet

We now consider the teleportation of planets (in other words , the movement of the planets )
Teleport planet from one system to another can be once every three days , and teleport within one system can be as much as you like , but once inside the teleportation system , you will have to wait again for three days before being able to move to another planet system.

After teleporting the planet on it for a certain time the following restrictions :
  • attack fleet moved with straps is not possible within 15 minutes . Same thing with the mission Destroy .
  • scan phalanx moved to the planet is not available for 10 minutes.
Teleportation is instantaneous, payable in TM depending on the distance teleportation.
Teleportation is not possible during the flight or your or your enemy fleet on the planet with any task.

In order to teleport the planet, you need to go through with his left menu in Dealers, then Planetarium.
I will say one more thing: to teleport the planet, you need is on the planet, teleportation is not possible with the moon.

Speaking of menus Dealers .. there it is possible to increase the number of fields for TM. In the same menu, you can increase the Planetarium and the number of fields.

Now see how all the planets and how to move from one planet to another.

In the image above, I have identified where you want to click to select the planet. Clicking on this will open a multi-form list of all your planets. Just so you can jump from one planet to another.