Officers - are the best representatives of the business, which can boost the performance of your empire.
officers and governor can be reached through the menu on the left - Senate
The officer window.

Each officer has his maximum level, reaching it, the officer can not continue to leveled up. All officers are bought for DM.

Ability of officers:

  • increase the production - Geologist Improving
  • combat characteristics (attack , shields , armor ) - Admiral
  • Increase energy production - Engineer
  • Reducing the ships were built - Technocrat
  • Reducing the research - Scientist
  • Increase storage capacity and holds of ships - Guardian
  • Reduced time to build a defense - defense minister
  • Improving the ability of spying - Scout
  • Maximum available slots - Command
  • Ability demolition moon - Shredder
  • Increase flight speed ships - General

it's important: Officers are bought for DM and can not be reset