Level - a measure of how much time you have spent online for the entire game.
Your level you can look over the resources. Here in this image of this level .

With each new level, the time needed to conduct online increases.
Now tell you about bonuses that gives a level of.

  1. Points Academy, which you can pump skills academy. For example, to achieve level 64 I get 64 points Academy.
  2. Just recently added to the level of bonuses mining mines (1% each level) speed trials (1% each level), energy production (1% each level), slot fleet (= 1 for every 10 levels).

Now a little more to tell you how you can reduce vrnmya to receive the next level. The most simple - regularly, about every 3-4 hours receive a bonus (it appears on the menu item on the left - "Buy antimatter," Here's a picture showing where there is a bonus

Each bonus can add to your level of current from 0 to 6% experience. Interest earning rewards can be increased by using Premium Services: The "Bonus" Another premium feature that helps reduce the time to obtain the level – Number earn experience. It reduced the time itself, you need to get the next level.