Start the game

Tips for beginners

  • We first need to establish secure resources for the planet, in other words build some mines of metal, crystal and deuterium. Crystal and metal mines is desirable to develop simultaneously, so take care that their level are around the same. Deuterium synthesizer course also advisable to keep on par with other mines, but if the price you do not allow, then keep it 5 levels below.
  • Immediately build a research laboratory for the study of basic research. To start out these studies:

    Spying - Level 3. Primarily for Astrophysics .

    Energy Technology - 12 level . Energy does not happen much , and technology is important for many studies .

    jet engine - 6 level . Primarily for the construction of ships of MT and BT , because it is easier to make looting resources than only at the expense of their mines .

    Computer technology - 10 level . Without factory nanites can not do nothing ...

    Astrophysics - 15 level . To start the game , you can spool up to level 15 , but then it is advisable to bring it up to about level 25 .

Description of the game menu

- Overview. Browse menu, you specify all the flying fleets, as, for example, flying from you to attack or else you. Also, being on the moon, through the review you can build the collider. Plus you can see in the review diameter of the planet (the moon), count of fields and temperature.
- Empire. Empire menu displays the amount of each resource for all your moons / planets, each ship and so on. Also displays count of free fields.
- Statistics. In the Statistics menu displays Player Rankings on certain indicators: fleet, research, construction, defense, and the total number of points. Also displayed in the statistics and statistics alliances.
- Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame menu you can see a list of the most powerful fighting lately. Fights get into the top 100 fights in overcoming the minimum damage that is growing by an increasingly large-scale battles.
Hall of Fame can be sorted by clicking on one of the words in the second line of the Hall of Fame:
- Records. Records menu you can see the players, leading to certain indicators, such as: who has more units of a fleet and so on.
- Chat. Chat - quite an interesting place, especially when there are a lot of players. Allows players to communicate without departing too much from the gameplay.
- Forum. Forum - is the place where you can ask questions of administration, or suggest that the thread new, hear the opinion of other players as well as the administration on its proposal.
- Message menu. Allows you to read and respond to messages from other players, as well as allows you to write a letter to any of the Project Administrator.
- Friends. Displays a list of your friends / enemies, as well as whether they are online.
- Blocked. Allows you to view a list of blocked players, as well as the reason for their blocking. Sometimes this page is quite useful to himself in no case fall under the Ban.
- Encyclopedia. Question-Answer.
- Rules. Before starting the game please read this page of the game, as you need a good understanding of the rules to avoid the Bank and be able to defend their case in contentious situations that, I must say, there are quite often.
- Notes. Here you can store important information for you, for example, the coordinates of your enemies, and more.
- Support. In tech support, you can ask a question that will be answered Game Masters and administration.
- Search. Allows you to search for players, as well as the planet by name or part of the name.
- settings. In this window, you can set up your account, whether the password, time zone and more.
- Logout. Logout from your account and go on the main page game.

Left menu:

  • Top - temporary menu that displays the time in your time zone , which is choosen in the settings menu.
  • alerts ( signals) , which will be denoted by the following actions in conflict to your empire : attack , espionage , the destruction of your moon and missile attack . In this menu , the signals lights up when something is coming near you.
  • Next - Antimatter purchase page . From this page, you are redirected to one of our payment gateways checkout pages .
  • Next are links to pages Buildings , Navy, Defense and so on .
  • Technology - in this window you can see the requirements for opening a particular ship or research. If you ship the necessary contrast , studies or all rows green - then you have the opportunity to build / research.
  • Ressources - in this window you can recalculate the production of mines, energy production . Especially after teleporting helps the planet.
  • Black Market - buy menu Navy , defense, buildings and research for TM .
  • Dealers - menu exchange resources , increase fields on the planet / moon , and secret vault.
  • Senate - window officers and governors.
  • Arsenal - the market window upgrades.
  • Academy - window academy.
  • Galaxy - a window containing a list of the players in the system , allowing you to also view other systems.
  • Alliance - a window that displays your alliance , if you have already entered into an alliance or an alliance window .
  • combat simulator - combat simulation window .
  • Achievements - window tasks ( achievements) , you can / have already done .