Now we consider the exact piece of New Order, the only way to steal ressource from your ennemies and to become a true hooror for them. Right! The fleet.

All ships can perform perform various objectives: attack - to attack a planet, transportation - to deliver the resources and come back, All ressource tramsported remains at the endpoint. All these tasks are possible to the planets, and moons. To start the construction of the fleet, you should built shipyard, robotic factory, nanites and conveyors.

Also be aware that when you remove something from the shipyard queu, you got only 60% of the resource back .

Speed ​​is one of the most important characteristics of the fleet and it depends on the study of combustion , impulsive and hyperspace engines. The higher the level of research engine , the faster your ships can perform certain tasks (transport , attack, espionage) . Speed ​​is not enough , believe it "bread" especially for the attacker .

small cargo (SC) used to deliver resources and accompany the fleet with the attacks.1 small cargo can hold 5000 resources minus fuel for the flight. Because of the small arms and weak shield usually accompany them with your warships.
large cargo (LC) - Further development of the SC. Holds 25,000 resources minus fuel flight.
light fighter - one of the largest ships in the fleet. This is the first warship available to the building, and at the beginning of the game, it is used as the core, and then will act as a cover. Quite maneuverable warship. Indispensable in the early stages of development. Also regarded as meat at higher stages of development.
heavy fighter - within a very short time will be the main strike force. Further development of LF. Eventually, scientists realized that from a jet engine will achieve nothing more, and the ship was much heavier than the LF. And then the transition has been made on impulse engines. Also regarded as meat at higher stages of development. After the appearance of heavy lasers and ion cannons HF became more and more displaced.
cruiser - almost three times more strongly protected than heavy fighters and firepower they surpass heavy fighters more than doubled. In addition, they are very quick. They are fast, their firepower was an innovation in shipbuilding. Effective against lung fleet and defense, but also regarded as meat at higher stages of development.
Linkor с момента схода со стапелей по праву займет место основной ударной силы флота. Для производства не требует дейтерия, а металл и кристаллы необходимы в самом приемлемом соотношении — в пропорции два к одному. Высокая скорость, небольшое потребление топлива и большой грузовой отсек делают его гораздо выгоднее прочих кораблей. Линкор (Линк). Линки - это основа любого флота. Они - наилучшее сочетание цена/качество. Эффективен против легкого флота.
colonizer - Slow huge ship designed to populate planets.
Recycler - Slow ship collects debris from killed fleets, To collect it should be sent at the specified coordinates in the debris field.
spy probe - used for espionage. This is a small ship, delivering to you all information about ennemies planets.
bomber - serves one purpose - breaking planetary defense. For his great performance skorostrela on light to medium protective structures paying extremely low speed and high consumption of deuterium. After studying the eighth level of technology all hyperspace engine bomber fleet will be equipped with them - speed flight of the fleet will increase.
solar sats - refers to the ships, but in fact it is a small power, tightly tied to the orbit. Solar satellites produce energy. In fact, this is a huge solar panels hanging on your orbit. Very often used in the study of gravity. When building should be noted that the first fleet had flown a mission "Attack" knock them, unfortunately.
exterminator - power is similar to the two battleships. But for such a force have to pay the high cost of crystals and deuterium to build. Annihilator - King of warships. You can only say one thing: Unico opposed only Unique. We can say that now is the era destroyers - who do more, and he has a better chance of winning with more or less equal to that of other ships.
death Star - Disadvantage - low speed, causing the battles is not used. The primary objective - the destruction of moons.
battle cruiser - specializes in intercepting enemy fleets. Fast, relatively cheap to maintain. But so far, this ship has not found its place in the fleets.
supernova - we can say that is the basis of the heavy fleet. NW has very good speed and is not an attack on the poor performance of light and average defense. Also it allows you to carry up to a sufficient number of resources. Often used for robbery.
battle transporter. Further development of large transport, more capacious and fast. Usually used to transport resources from planet to planet.
Avatar heavy and powerful ship has laser weapons and gravity. Effective against light and medium fleet and defense.
giga recycler. Engineers have developed a new processor, it flies faster and can collect much more debris. Especially enjoyed success among the attacker.
darkmatter collector after years of study dark matter, scientists learned how to make it out of the lunar minerals. Minus - destroyed with a positive result of the search for dark matter. Intended only to collect dark matter of the moon.
Battleship class ONill Further study led to the creation Avatar Battleship class ONill. This ship is superior to Avatar in all respects. It is equipped with the latest weapons, stronger armor and shields. This ship is designed to host the universe. Unlike avatar - a replacement laser weapons more powerful plasma. Effective against ships and defensive equipped heavy armor and shields.
Flying death. In fact HP has absorbed all the best from heavy fleet. This laser, plasma, gravitational weapons. The only ship that sequence weapons. Also has the highest rate of heavy fleet. Effective against the light, medium, heavy fleet, as well as against the light and medium defense. But still weaker Onilla.
scrappy used for fleet and saves resources for a long time. Has the lowest possible airspeed.

The list of available missions

fleet can perform many operations, including the following:
  • espionage. Mission, which provides information about other planets and players. For this mission, you can only use spy probes.
  • hold. This mission, which allows your fleet to protect the planet/moon of another player. To successfully complete the mission you must be sure that the two conditions has been met:
    1. The players you want to proctect must be either your friend or be in your ally.
    2. Players have to build on hes planet or moon the Alliance depot.

      The mission can be sent in 7 time periods:
      1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 16 and 32 hours. Here as denoted mission review fleets:

  • transport. The mission, which is available to all players regardless of level, this means that top1 can send ressource to anyone, even if the other players is shown in noob protection. But don't forget that a lower ranked player can not send ressource to a higher ranked one without having anythin in return. This falls under the rule of pushing and can be punished with ban.

    you can absolutly send any fleets in this mission

  • deploy – mission, allowing you to move fleets, but only between your planets and (or) moons.. usually used for fleetsave. all ships can participate in this mission.
  • Recycle – mission, which allows you to fly to a field of debris and recycle. The fleet must be present recyclers (or giga recyclers)
  • destroy – it involves the destruction of the ennemy moon . Also requires the fulfillment of several conditions:
    1. Fleet should be send to the moon and the fleet must be composed with minumum one death star
    2. The officer shredder must be activated. The downside of this mission is that the deat star is very slow and during the flight the enemy can prevent the destruction of the moon ( to build defenses stars could not pierce it ) , so you need to follow the drift and if your fleet exceeds the force of the moon whose you are trying to break, you can sometimes send their fleet to attack , as if to sweep before demolition . the attack is desirable to do with a gap of 1-5 seconds before the deatstarts approach to the moon .
  • attack. The mission, which allows you to rip the planet or moon of another player. this mission is not avaible for 2 ships: scappy and spy probe. They do not even participate in battles as the defending side.

    Also has its own mission Attack feature - the ability to create ACS . To start

    what is ACS attack .. ACS - using ACS you can combine your fleet with the fleet (or fleets) from your friends or ally members. All fleets, exiled in the ACS are aligned to the slowest ship of the ACS.

    Now how to turn normal attack in ACS-attack:

  • simply send a fleet to attack.
  • go in the fleet table menu and press the ACS button
  • In the field that I've highlighted in the image enter nickname of the player you want to invite in the ACS
  • The player, which you sent the invitation in the ACS, after selecting the fleet in the selection menu will now coordinate with the line
  • Please click on this line and the coordinates are automatically changed to the ones where the player flies a fleet founder Saba
  • menu, select the job chosen jointly attack :

    SAB can be used a little differently: that's like you forgot to add some ships attack you through the subwoofer can send their "booster".
    To do this, simply enter the player's nickname (paragraph 3) and select fleets, which you want to add, and then all the action also the same that have been described above.

  • expedition. This mission involves sending a fleet near position 16 in the system. The most dangerous mission, as its outcome no one can predict. In the expedition is not allowed to send spy probes and scrappys.

    There are to ways to send out expeditions:

    1. Galaxy: for this, click on the "deep area of galaxy" link

      Next, choose the fleet and send to expeditions.
    2. Fleet menu: the choice of coordinates, just enter the coordinates of the planet to 16.

      Often the question arises: how to increase the amount of non-recurring expeditions?

      • Option 1. Bleed research expedition. No. expeditions equals the square root of the level of Astrophysics. For example, at level 25 is available for Astrophysics 5 expeditions, and at 36 - 6.
      • Option 2. With premium account, namely using Quantity "expedition."
        Now a little talk about the chances of events Expeditions:

      Standard ( without premium ):
      1. Nothing found - 11,76%
      2 . Find resources - 11,76%
      3 . Find dark matter - 11,76%
      4 . Find fleet - 11,76%
      5 . Stumble pirates - 11,76%
      6. Lost Fleet - 5,88%
      7. Nothing was found, change the arrival time of the fleet - 11,76%
      8. Changing the number of transported resources - 11,76%
      9. Find upgrade - 11,76%

      With Premium :
      1. Nothing found - 0 %
      2 . Find resources - 19,98%
      3 . Find dark matter - 19,98%
      4 . Find fleet - 19,98%
      5 . Stumble pirates - 3,33%
      6. Lost Fleet - 3,33%
      7. Nothing was found, change the arrival time of the fleet - 3,33%
      8. Changing the number of transported resources - 9,99%
      9. Find upgrade - 19,98%

      Chance to fly in the "lite " version = premium ( Bonus " Expedition" ) + 1.9 * (every 6 minutes spent in the expedition );

      Obtained percentage chance departure lightened version. Skill imported from Expedition Premium + = ( 2 * Minutes of the expedition / 6);

  • Colonize . The mission is to colonize new planets.
  • Dark Matter Search . For this mission, there is special. Ship - Dark Matter Collector. It is necessary to send your fleets to a moon and select the research dark matter mission.

Fleet save
Fleet save - this is the action that each player should be able to do, regardless of its specialization ( miner or attacker ) .
raiders usualy save their fleets, usually together, while a miner must know how to save their resources .

You can save your ressource with buildings and research, ie developing expensive and lengthy studies , and then cancel them , but it is not very convenient .
Much more convenient to save is using your fleet. But it requires certain skills : calculation of flight time for the arrival of the fleet to be sure you are online and could meet him ; logic , that is an option to always be thinking that the enemy can break your moon and see your fleets, its best to fleetsave using the deploy mission as the phalanx cant scan it when its on the return way.

We begin our discussion with the help of the fleet saves .

For any saves with the fleet we need ships , which will lead to resources themselves (this may be SC , LC , RECS or Giga reyclers ) as well as a correct moon if you want to stay hidden for your ennemies.

Also, depending on how long the you want so save, you need to choose the slowest ship : scrappy, deatstar or darkmatter collector.

  • scrappy can be used to save for 3-4 days without recalling it , ie if i save my fleets wwith the deploy mission, you can recall it later to keep the fleet in the air for about a week ..
  • DM Collector saves for 6-15 hours depending on the speed of the player
  • Deathstars from about 12 to 20 hours in one direction.

Saves on deploy between your moons (colonies)

The safest and most correct ways to saves. For it is necessary to know how much time you want to send a fleet away, choose the best planet flight duration which will suit you online times. You should always be sure you will be back on time, because the flight can be lanxed when a players destroy your moon, this give you a chance to recall your fleets and to keep them save. it is better to recall the fleet to have more chances.

Another problem is that by recalling the fleet. It can get back to you at an inconvenient time, such as at night , so before sending the fleet, you should need to calculate some option before sending..

In principle, you can save this way without moons, but there is a chance that someone decides to catch you when he noticed the time of fly away and the time when you recall it. This course is very difficult and requires a large quantity of the fleet, but for the sake of standing production, some players may take the risk.

And I want to mention one more thing: Best to save from moons to moons and to build at least some defense on it. because not everyone will want to risk a large fleet to destroy the moon with a strong defense.

Saves on "hold"

About the mission and the mission Keep conditions you can read a little higher.
For saves to keep or do you need a strong partner to which you can send a fleet , but agree that we can not exclude the possibility of an attack on that player and then your fleet will be in danger.
You can also send and Hold on a weak player , but again there is the option to attack this player .

Keep fleet better to send only the moon , because if you send it to the planet Stay phalanx may notice your save game , and as the moon phalanx of view it is impossible, and a save game on the moon phalanx not see . To check whether there is a save game on the moon to send a fleet to attack the moon (not a large fleet , but strong enough to hold on to the second round ) . As an example of such a fleet can provide the following composition: 1000000 LEE and 100 Onillov or drugs. In conclusion we can say that this save game is quite simple and convenient, but it is very dangerous .

SAV of "attack"

This save game is also very dangerous because it is viewed as a phalanx during the flight and after the flight. Yet another drawback is that this saves that flight can not take on the Attack Seiver therefore a save game can not be a pancake time . Analogue saver when such saves, can serve as the AP , but as I mentioned earlier the duration of such limited saves .

If you have decided this way Saves Navy bother to pick up such a sacrifice to your fleet vyigryal lossless on your part , otherwise what's the point in that if your Saves fleet will then be destroyed ?

Saves using Expeditions

Also extremely dangerous saves, because the result eskpeditsii impossible to predict, and this saves time Unlimited 5.6 hours, which is not suitable for saves for the night, but basically saves for a short time. It should be noted that since the save game phalanx seen in both stages of the flight, this saves on costs too refuse.

Saves the fields of debris mission Recycle.

Another dangerous save in mind visibility phalanx both phases of flight . In the save game , you can send any ships is so saves time , you can choose how much it allows speed saver , but do not forget that in the fleet must be present or Mega Processors processors .

Incidentally another minus saves this - is that the phalanx can see this save game , proskaniv phalanx planet on which flies to save from recycling. Not always easy to find the debris field on the right coordinates for you , and do not always convenient software , because the enemy can not understand it .

Saves can and software, which is near the planet where you want to send a save game . But this time also saves very little , so the speed x1000 this save game can be used for mini- saves time by about half an hour . Table visibility phalanx of different missions and reviews

mission Visibility phalanx
flight recall
attack visible visible
deploy visible not visible
hold visible visible
recycle visible visible
transport visible visible
expedition visible visible
colonization visible visible
destroy visible visible