Game currency


In this game there are two currencies, except for the resources. AM (Antimatter) and DM (respectively, Dark Matter). We begin with AM.

AM can be bought for real money, get upgrades for AM, or else from the administration, in honor of an event.

There are different payments gateways to purchase darkmatter, all payments for AM is through Paypal, Allopass or Paysafe Cards service, so you can pay as from the mobile account or via terminals.

Methods of producing AM:

  1. purchase
  2. Shares victory in competitions (razdacha of administration)
  3. sell your planets

Here's what you can spend AM:

  1. Build colliders moons
  2. Buy Points Academy
  3. Buy premium account
  4. Exchange DM
I hasten to say that of the above methods where you can spend the cheapest AM is an investment in colliders, but they can carry, so dangerous attachment.
Another profitable investment - in the premium account on +% to resource extraction.

Now about DM ... most players it is mined colliders, but also it can be obtained in the expedition and the receipt of regular bonus, but should note that the size of bonuses paid to DM and expeditions are not large, about 10 tyasyach DM.

Methods for producing DM:

  1. Colliders
  2. Exchange AM for DM
  3. Expedition
  4. Bonus
Here's what you can spend DM:
  1. Used to purchase fleet, defense, research and buildings
  2. Teleport planet
  3. Increase count fields on the moon / planet
  4. DM is used payment for the deposit resources in secret vault
  5. Exchange DM for resources
  6. Hire governors and officers

I'll tell you just how to use the remote control for the purchase of defense, navy, research or buildings.
Go through the menu on the left to Port and see everything. However, there are several conditions when buying a fleet and.

  • When an incomming attacks hits your planet in less then 1min30, then you can not buy fleet and defense
  • When you're on the moon, buy fleet is not possible. You have to buy the fleets on the planet and deploy it after that to the moon. You have also to be on the planet to teleport it. Teleport is not possible from moon