Technopolis - build that reduces research time by 16%. Technopolis need only build on the planet, well, or to any other with which you want to run the study. Technopolis is not working on the principle of the Intergalactic Research Network, so build on each planet techno nuzhno.Suschestvennuyu not help technopolis you truly feel about 25-35 levels each study.
Solar power plant - I can say that it is better to build a fusion than solar power. They are much more confusing.
Fusion power - a very useful building. Better supply of energy with the help of the planet Termoyaderok than using satellites, because the attack satellites destroyed, and thermonuclear energy supply always. Thermonuclear station is not particularly expensive, we can restrict the level of 20, it will be enough full.
Factory robots. Reduces the construction of buildings, in the early stages of development may seem like insignificant, but at the time of construction for about an hour, factory robots reduces construction time is more or less noticeable.
Shipyard above level 22 there is no sense to raise factory nanites quickly resets the poystroyki one ship to 1 sec, and hence from the shipyard becomes little confusing, except for the opening of access to defense and ships. Shipyard clears 10% with each level.
Storage resources can be improved to about 14 levels, more is not much point. If you have a powerful premium resource extraction, it is better to take the premium to increase storage capacity and all.
Research labs taken to develop exclusively for the Intergalactic Research Network. Research Laboratory resets 10% with each level.
Terraformer - adds 7 fields with each level to the maximum count of fields.
Warehouse Alliance recommend to build on each planet / moon for any time or Soal your friends can come to your aid, ie put your fleet on a mission to keep it up.
Missile silos - usually used in the initial stages of player development. Many people wonder - how to carry the missile silos. To carry the missile silos, you must first remove all missiles (via menu Buildings) as interplanetary and interceptors. Then you can endure, again cherezmenyu Buildings.
Light conveyor - build, which increases number of units of light navy or defense produced per second. Each layer adds units 10 produced in the second. Very useful building, which stands as build on the moons, and the planets.
Affects: Small trucks, Big trucks, Light Fighter, Heavy Fighter, Recycler, colonizer, Spy Probe, Rocket Launcher, Laser Light, Heavy Laser.
Average pipeline - this building is an analog light conveyor, but "serves" the average fleet and defense.
Affects: Cruiser, Battleship, Bomber, Destroyer, Battlecruiser, Superior Transportation Mega processor, garbage dark matter, Gauss Cannon, Ion Cannon, Plasma gun
Heavy conveyor - I think you already understand the meaning of ... a list of Defense and the Navy, which he has served, by clicking on the link below.
Affects: Death Star, Supernova, Avatar, Battleship class ONill, Flying death graviton cannon, leptons gun Proton cannon Canyon, Quantum gun.
Demolition of buildings

Important: The demolition of a buildings is not free. It costs the half of the price for the improvement of that level.
This is, for example:
metal mine level 59 Cost:
980.492.499.118 metal and crystal. Therefor demolition will cost:
490.246.249.559 metal and 122.561.562.390 crystal.

Now, how to carry out the demolition of buildings:

  1. Move your mose over the red cross on the picture.
  2. an "pop-up" will appaer with all information. Click on "destroy"
Counting speed conveyors:
light conveyor:

Enter the level of light conveyor:
Enter the bonus light conveyor on your level:

Call-in unit for second:

Average pipeline:

Enter the level of the secondary conveyor:
Enter the average bonus on your level of conveyor:

Call-in unit for second:

heavy conveyor:

Enter the level of heavy conveyor:
Enter bonus heavy conveyor on your level:

Call-in unit for second: