I do not need to explain what an alliance is... I better start immediately with descriptions of functions and bonuses that you get when you join an alliance, or create your own ..

When you join or create your own alliance, you finish the achievement "Brastvo."

Here's a view of the alliance you have founded or joined.

Now more about each line in the menu Alliances:

list of members .in this menu you can see all members of your alliance, players positions in the alliance, and their effective join date.
Note that you can sortthe columns in the menu by clicking on any word in the headers.
For example, clicking on a word "Entered", all players will be ordered by the date that they joigned the alliance.

Now the Management Alliance . Here's a view that has a menu:

  1. Configure rights . In this menu, you can create your own rank and give it certain rights.
  2. In Member list you can view a list of members of the alliance , but we have already talked about.
  3. In Change tag of alliance and Change the name of the alliance , you can change both the name and the abbreviation of the alliance. Title alliances appear in Statistics and the abbreviation is displayed in the menu galaxy .
  4. In Diplomacy you can see with whom you have signed trade relations , war , etc.

Presentation Editor alliance

  • External text - in this field you can write text that are visible as members of your alliance and ordinary players from another alliance.
  • inner text - only the members of the alliance can see this text.
  • text of the application - the text that players see before applying for your alliance. In the Settings menu, you can configure an alliance:
    • Alliance Website - can indicate the site of your alliance, All players can see this site
    • Logo Alliance - the logo of your alliance. Shown to all. Example logo below:

    • Applications - You can choose to allow or disallow new players to apply for your alliance.
    • Rank head - Specify how you will appear in the alliance, ie specify the name of the rank to which you belong.
    • battles Statistics - you can choose whether players can not see the results of your alliance battles.
    Alliance can be reformed, you can choose to disolve or transfer the "power" to another player.

    Several feautres are given to all members of the alliance:

    • Chat Alliance - the alliance allows players to correspond with each other, This conversation can only be seen by the alliance members.
    • menu Attacks on alliance - allows you to see the mission Espionage, Attack and Destroy aimed at members of your alliance. Send
    • overall message - you can send a message to all alliance members.

    Now the fun part - Points Alliance .

    alliance Points are earned for fighting alliance members. 1 kkk damage to the enemy = 1 point. Points are awarded only for the Alliance fleet. Defense brings points, except when you attack players who are at enmity with your alliance.

    Here are the points of the alliance:

    With each improvement in the characteristics of the alliance, added 1% to the investigated characteristics. Alliance Bank: allows you to store your resources in total bank alliance.
    When the contribution is made​​, the menu appears Bank countdown until the next deposit. Access to bank alliance can customize the menu Management ranks .