Academy allows the player to improve the special characteristics of their empire.

The Academy has three branches.

The first branch contains skills that are desirable to improve fleets.
Second branch is desirable to develop everything, and third, respectively, more accentuated by miners.

Skills Academy are improved with academy points, which can be obtained in three ways:

  • buy AM;
  • get as bonus;
  • get per level;
  • get for achieving performance;

How to buy glasses for Academy AM.

AM when you already have the account, go to the academy and the press under the third branch on line Buying Glasses .
The following window opens:

Enter the number of points you want to buy and all.

Each point is worth 200 AM.

The amount of free experience points can be found on the first branch.

Now the most difficult to explain more about the skills (skills) in the academy. Of course, pointing to each skill, you can see the description, but not all skills are so easy to understand.

  • focus – increases attack power ships, or to be more precise, the focus reduces the number of ships that when calculating combat resist ship.
  • double Attack – increases the chance of doubling attack ships.
  • chain reaction – increases the chance of the emergence of the so-called chain reaction, perhaps, is the most dangerous skill for both the attacker and the defender.
  • strengthening explosion – increase the maximum number of units that can destroy a chain reaction
  • Academy of Sciences – skill that raises your level of research Intergalactic Research Network. This study allows to combine research laboratories on all your colonies, while reducing the time of research.
  • Seal Shield Dome – Shields adding extra strength.
  • double shields – skill increases the chance of doubling shields in battle.
  • Seal double shields – enhances the effect of the skill Double shields.
  • Thick armor – reduces the percentage of your fleet / defense that destroyed opponent.